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Five Easy Ways to Update Your Office


Let's face it, some people spend more time at work than at home these days. The environment you work in can get pretty static and boring after awhile. Here are five great ideas how to update your office so it's fresh and fun again!


 1. Add a POP of Colour:

If your office is lacking colour than it can also be lacking visual energy. Sometimes offices fall into neutral colour palettes that can become tired and boring especially to those spending hours in it. Colour is a great way to bring energy and personality into your office environment. You might find that it brightens your day and its extremely easy to do!

Here are some ways to add colour to your office:





2. A Better Work Chair:

Lets face it, most people who work in offices spend a lot of their time sitting. And if you don't have a comfortable chair to sit in it can make you extremely uncomfortable. This can cause health problems and with constant moving or adjusting it can affect your concentration and work performance. A better ergonomic chair or one that is better suited to the tasks you perform at work can make a world of difference.

Here are some of our top work chair picks.



 3. Better Organization:

Cluttered desk? Files Everywhere? We can relate, sometimes people can feel overwhelmed with the tasks at hand and feel buried under a mound of paper work and files. Creating a efficient and easy system for organization is key to keeping your work space clean allowing you to think and create easily.

Having proper and enough filing is key.




 4. New Guest Seating:

What do most people look at while sitting at their desks all day? Hopefully out a window at a beautiful landscape, but most of use look at our guest chairs or the rest of our office. If this is the case, getting some new guest chairs that are modern, colourful, or just reflect your overall taste better can be something great to look and can make you proud of your office. Most guest seating can be reasonably priced allowing you to make a major change to your office without a large expense. Here are some of our favourite guest chairs.




 5. More Desk Space:

Now a days people are working in smaller more open concept spaces, meaning space is a commodity and needs to be utilized. If you find you are running low on desk space and just feeling cramped try a desk monitor arm. These are very modern and raise the monitor off your desk giving you a lot more usable room below, as well as the ability to move and rotate the monitor arm to more ergonomic levels.