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Are You Making These Ergonomics Mistakes?

Jodi Young - Tuesday, October 07, 2014

5 Common Ergonomic Mistakes 

October is National Ergonomic Month! So we are going through the cardinal sins that many people make in regards to ergonomics, or a lack there of. Here are five common mistakes people make in the workplace that affect their health and quality of life and the various ways to fix them.

1. Not Having a Proper Chair

It doesn`t matter whether your chair is truly ergonomic, although that does help, having a proper chair means having a chair that is suited to your daily tasks and body type. You should be able to make adjustments to you chair to increase comfortability and make sure you are supported in key areas such as your back, your legs, and your neck. You should have lumbar support for your lower back and the ability to position your chair so your feet are firmly planted on the ground. There are numerous ergonomic features on many chairs, make sure you have the one that fits you.


2. You Look Down On Your Monitor Screen

You might think that where your monitor is placed doesn’t affect your body, but it truly does. Looking down at your screen can scrunch your shoulders and cause pain in your neck. Your monitor should always be an arm’s length away and the top of the screen should be at your eye level when you are sitting. This will allow you to scan the screen without making head movements causing discomfort. Don’t put the screen too high because you can crane or pinch your neck. The best way to raise your monitor screen is to get a monitor arm. They are not extremely costly and can make a huge difference in your work day.



 3.Your keyboard is on your desk.

Having your keyboard on top of your desk can make it so you shrug your shoulders and bend your wrists when typing. This can cause discomfort and carpel tunnel syndrome in the future. Make sure you have palm support near your keyboard to rest your hands without bending your wrists. The best solution is getting an ergonomic keyboard tray installed under your desk within your natural reach zone. This will allow your shoulders to drop and your wrist to remain straight.


4. You Have Improper Lighting:

Appropriate lighting at work can reduce eye fatigue and headaches, the ability to see well at work is crucial make sure you have the right lighting. Ask yourself these questions when in your workplace. Is there enough light for the task at hand? Is there glare from your computer screen from light? Are shadows eliminated? Do the lights provide stead illumination? (Make sure they don’t flicker) DO you complain of headaches or eye strain? Depending on your answers to these questions it may be time to re-evaluate the lighting in your office.


5. You Sit for a Large Portion of your Day

We understand that desk jobs require long periods of sitting and concentrating. However this doesn’t mean you should be sitting all day, and if you are it is a great dis-service to your health. Studies say you should be getting up each hour for 5-15 minutes to stretch out your legs and get the blood flowing. Set reminders and make sure you are getting up throughout your day, even a small walk around the office or a chat to a co-worker will help prevent aches and pains. And for an even better solution try a sit-stand desk where you can go from sitting to standing quickly and continue your work!



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