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Design Matters: Creating the Ideal Office Space

Little Goblins - Thursday, September 12, 2013

Make the office a place your employees want to come to everyday and watch your company's success grow!

Office design. We can tell you as unbiased as an office furniture company can, that office design matters. When you spend a minimum of 40 hours a week in one place you have got to love it.

“After all, we spend the same amount of time if not longer in our work spaces than in our homes, so why not feel cosy and bring some personality to the space we spend most of our time in?" says interior designer Ivan Meade.

So where do you begin? If you can’t work from home or have your staff working from home, inspire their creativity and help them love their workspace by making it a place they want to be. Approach your office design like you would a home. 

Here are our top tips to creating the space your employees will love and that won’t hurt the pocket books:

  • Everyone has his or her own personal style. Find a unifying element and economize with a versatile desking system such as the Voi by Hon. This will allow you to set up a stylish, neutral base to build upon.
  • Create an in-office escape for your employees. Create a space with comfy lounge chairs and occasional tables where people can relax on their breaks or maybe even do some work!
  • Think subtly ergonomic. A desirable work place will not put employees at risk of repetitive strain injuries. Incorporate elements in each workstation that will keep your employees safe without compromising aesthetics with pieces like the Freedom Chair or a keyboard tray.
  • A neat, de-cluttered office is a productive office. Place monitor arms at workstations to create desk space for your staff. Mimic homey bookshelves and storage solutions to keep the office organized and visually relaxed.
  • Lastly, accessorize. Use area rugs and accent pillows in lounge areas and place artwork on the walls that will inspire. Incorporate different types of lighting to create ambience and avoid the too-bright, common fluorescent bulb. Use plants to bring nature indoors. 

Whether it’s beautifully and functionally designed or not, the office is a home away from home. If you make it feel inviting and design like you would a living space rather than a grey cubicle city, you’ll have created a win-win situation for the company. Your employees will want to come to work and productivity will increase. 

Check out our products for more stylish and ergonomic design solutions and let us help you build the perfect office home.

(Image via Pexels)

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