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Bridges II

Bridges allows you to connect the dots in different ways from tables to benching, desking to systems. Redefine how you connect and share. Bridges provides the tools for you to achieve so much more.

"Our desire was to develop an environment for collaborative teamwork which would facilitate connection, or bridging of people and ideas."

Why Bridges II Works:

  • Serves as a catalyst that invites team members out of their comfort zones and encourages them to engage, and co-create together
  • Develops an environment of collaborative teamwork through workspace configuration that enhances line communication
  • Stream lines interaction by being an efficient product that adapts and creatively configures
  • Can meet the needs of a fast paced and ever changing work environment
  • Can fit numerous applications from boardrooms to multi-person workstations
  • Extremely easy to customize and reconfigure to specific requirements

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