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Impact's Pick of the Week: Evolution Ball Chair



The Evolution Ball Chair

 Ball chairs might seem a little odd, but they can have huge benefits for health and comfort in the work place. An ergonomically sound working environment is extremely important for good posture and overall health. If you sit most of the day at the office, the Evolution chair can make those long hours less stressful on your body.




How Does a Ball Chair Work?


 How does a ball chair make sitting less stressful on your body?


It removes compression from the spine and improves your overall posture. It also helps build core muscles and increases energy levels, this in turn increases people's ability to focus and concentrate more on their work. 


This means that if you have:

  • Bad posture

  • Weak core muscles

  • Repetitive strain injuries from static seating

  • Chronic neck and back pain

  • Daily fatigue

Then the Evolution chair can help!





Getting Started With an Evolution Chair

It is important to understand that integrating this chair into your work life will take some time. If you switch to this chair for large amounts of time right away your body can become stiff because of the inactive use of these muscles. So start using the Evolution chair for small amounts of time during the day and build up your endurance until your body is strong enough to sit for longer periods of time.
 A great idea is to have one or two communal chairs in the office that can rotate between workers. This allows people to change up their movement and build their strength with this chair improving posture and body function.




Come check out the Evolution ball chair for yourself at our office furniture showroom. Our professional sales staff can give you more information about this chair and you can see for yourself how comfortable and mobile the chair actually is!


Also feel free to contact Impact Office regarding any office furniture questions or needs!