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Find the Right Desk for You


Sometimes office furniture can be a bit confusing and overwhelming with countless configurations and accessories available. Finding the right desk for you and your office space can be a bit daunting so here are some tips of various desk layouts to help you decide what would be best for your office space.


Always remember that when we are talking about office furniture the concept of "FIT" is extremely important. Fit means that the furniture you select must not only fit your body type but also fits the various tasks and activities needed to do your job.


 1. Corner Desks:

  • Are flexible and fit in difficult room layouts
  • Great for multi-purpose rooms  and rooms that need more than one desk
  • Don't offer large amounts of screen privacy
  • Some lost work space behind monitor


Workscape Corner Desk


2. L-Shaped Desks:

  • More desk space than a corner desk
  • L-shape is more ergonomically friendly, bringing things closer allowing less reach and leaning for items
  • Can divide desk space easily for better organization
  • Some loss of space behind monitor
  • Great for small spaces or multiple user offices

Voi L-Shaped Desk

 3. U-Shaped Desks

  • Large amounts of desk space
  • Space to divide work area
  • Great orientation for dual monitors or desk sharing
  • Takes up a larger amount of room in the building
  • Great for single offices
  • Easy access to filing and storage


Ionic U-Shaped Desk


 4. Electric Height Adjustable Desks:

  • Adjust to sit or stand height easily
  • Have the same amount of usable workspace as normal desks
  • Can fit to many different spaces and people of different heights and body types
  • Custom sizes, shapes, and colours available
  • Great health benefits to people who use a combination of sitting and standing throughout the day
  • Can be moved around easily


 501 Sit Stand Table


 5. System Desking:

  • Can be customized to different spaces and sizes
  • Can fit more than one worker
  • Built in storage and filing options help utilize space
  • Great for open concept areas
  • Great for collaborative and group work
  • Best option for small spaces that need to fit large numbers of people

Bridges II System: 6 workstations

 No matter what desk you are looking for out knowledgeable sales staff can help you outfit a whole building or just one room. Our showroom has many models of these types of desks for you to try out before you purchase. If you have any questions please contact us for any more information regarding desks or any other office furniture!