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  • Primecare Sleeper

    Primecare Sleeper
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    Primacare Wide Single Sleeper. Wood Legs. Platform based sleeper chair with steel ventilated linen storage compartment. GC3611C As above except with casters.

    The Primacare Sleeper provides a comfortable place to rest for attending family or friends during extended visits and is ideal for hospital, residence or lounge rooms where space is limited.


    • Primacare Sleeper is easily opened and closed by one person.
    • The cushions have been styled from durable and comfortable highdensity Ultracell Bio foam with built in head support in the sleeping position.
    • Requires zero wall clearance when opening.
    • The series includes both single and double seat units.
    • The reclining position on either side of the double unit can be set independently for maximum flexibility.


    37w x 37.5h x 38d

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Impact as a variety of seating options for healthcare organizations including hospitals and medical offices.