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Huddle Up

In today's office, work happens everywhere: in project rooms, in meeting and learning spaces, in impromptu collaborations where two or three people put their heads together to solve a problem or share information.

Huddle multi-purpose tables let you use the same space for a variety of purposes and make change happen fast. Set up several in a conference room for new employee training at 10:00; reconfigure them for a presentation at noon. Pull one up to a desk for a quick work session with a colleague. Push two against the wall to stage a paper-intensive projects.

A wide selection of 16 laminate finishes, 10 base colors, and 3 edge detail options makes Huddle compatible with any work environment.​




Huddle Up For Change

Time is money, and space is serious overhead. Huddle multi-purpose tables work with you to make the most of both.

No matter which base you specify - heavy duty steel post legs, or lightweight, durable aluminum nesting bases - Huddle tables are easy to set up, easy to rearrange, and easy to store when not in use.


Huddle Up For Power

Office workers bring a whole new set of tools to today’s workplace - the laptops, mobile devices, and peripherals that have become everyday necessities. With accessories designed to welcome today’s technology to the table, ever-adaptable Huddle multipurpose tables bring even greater flexibility to the workplace.




Huddle Up For Anything

With accessories available to customize tables for specific uses, Huddle supports whatever work you need to do - wherever you need to do it.

Add to that 3 different edge styles, 4 bases, 23 laminates, and 10 paint colors and you have a table that also fits in wherever you need it to.

T-Glide T-Caster Glide Caster

From Left to Right: T-Leg with Glides, T-Leg with Casters, Post Leg with Glides, Post Leg with Casters. Please note nesting bases only available with T-Leg and Casters.
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