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  • Glassboard 2

    Glassboard 2
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    • 3.5’ x 5’ Dimensions
    • Compatible with rare-earth magnets
    • Perfect for posting maps and notes
    • Transforms space with innovative, forward thinking image
    • Silk-screened grids, calendars and other custom requests available
    • Modular for today’s flexible workspace needs
    • Compatible with any dry/wet-erase pen, permanent marker, grease pen, etc.
    • Easily wipes clean without ghosting or staining
    • Made with eco-friendly and recyclable materials
    • Customizable with branding or logo of choice
    • 4.2 lbs.

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There is more to setting up a functional and practical office than just selecting the right office chair, desk, or filing system. It is important, as well, to consider the less obvious needs of your office environment and think about what office accessories your new office will need. Most busy professionals who work in an office setting spend their days seated at their desk or workstation in front of their computers and some consideration should be taken for their ergonomic comfort and productivity with helpful office accessories such as keyboard trays, monitors arms, accessible storage, whiteboards or footrests.

No matter what industry you are in, or what the needs of your office are, Impact Office Furnishings has a wide selection of office accessories to help meet your needs and set up the most functional space possible.