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    • Zira is a contemporary laminate modular desking solution with endless options to personalize your workspace
    • Storage can be added where needed, whether attached to the workstation or designed elsewhere in the work environment
    • With so many storage components to choose from for your desk, everything can truly be stored in its own place
    • Over 5300 components
    • Storage media heights from 28" to 84"
    • Two top thicknesses, Five edge options, Nine handle options







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It is important that the office furnishing you choose serve multiple functions and meet all the needs of your office. First and foremost, your office desks should be comfortable, functional, and practical. You need to take into consideration the type of work you do in your office as this will dictate the type or style of desk you will want to purchase for your space. Impact office Furnishings offers a large selection of professional office desks to meet the individualized needs of your office setting.

While functionality and practicality will be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to selecting the desks you will need for your office, you will have to consider the atmosphere and appearance of your office as well. The way your office looks has a significant impact on your business as it is a large part of your image and how you present yourself to your clients.