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Ergonomic Furniture

  • Tritek Ergo Select

    Tritek Ergo Select
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    • Tritek Ergo Select. Choose the components and build it the way you want it - Create the ideal chair
    • The ergonomic seating solution, featuring 27 models
    • Tritek Ergo Select offers more choice than typical task seating meaning an uncompromised level of support and comfort
    •  Tilter options - Standard/multi/knee tilt
    • Back height options available 
    • Height and lumbar support adjustments
    • Many fabric and leather options available


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Ergonomic Furniture

At Impact Office Furnishings, we know that a comfortable work environment is a more productive work environment. We have the widest selection of ergonomic office furniture in Vancouver and the experienced office specialists who will help you make the right choice.

Happier, healthier and more productive employees translates into cost savings and an improved working environment - what could be better?