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Office Workstations & Systems

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    Today’s facility managers and space planners are being challenged to create new ways of working. The new workplace provides greater flexibility, increased technology and more opportunities for workers to come together and share ideas.Viceversa components work on their own, in existing panel environments, and in private offices. They support multiple tasks and a variety of work styles.

    Designed for change, Viceversa transitions from one setting to the next. Freestanding furniture slides into a new place; flexible storage eases into a new role, adapting to the moment.

    Viceversa’s ability to migrate within the workplace is an investment strategy. It adds function and value to the workplace while protecting the initial furniture investment. Viceversa improves workplace performance through adaptive reuse of furniture.

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Office Workstations & Systems

An important contributing factor to the efficiency of your office is the functionality of your workspaces and cubicles. Making sure you, as well as your employees, have a functional area in which it is possible to get work done in an organized and uncluttered manner is a main area of focus when it comes to setting up a new office or redesigning your current one.

With space often being at a high premium in many offices, workers are forced to work in tight cramped cubicles. With Impact Office Furnishings, you have the widest selection of office systems and workstations on the market. One of our knowledgeable and expert staff members are sure to help you find exactly the right workstation or cubicle for your space. We offer a great selection of practical modular office workstations including bridge workstations, wrap around workstations, bench workstations and the more private cubicle, the Initiate System designed to give employees a bit more quiet and privacy as they work.

With the largest selection of modular workstations and office systems in Vancouver, from leading manufacturers including Hon, Global Contract, Heartwood, and Global Total Office, Impact Office Furnishings is the best place to go to find the most practical and attractive workstations and systems furniture for your office or workplace.