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ESC Computer Pain


Ergonomics is not easy to figure out. Furniture manufacturers have ergonomics already built into the equipment but the majority of workers don't know how or never adjust their equipment to fit their individual body and work habits. Most workers feel too busy to do the research on ergonomics.

Computer-related injury is the fastest growing and least controlled work-related injury in present-day history. In fact, work-related musculoskeletal injuries are the most frequent type of lost-time injury and are the largest source of lost-time worker compensation costs in Canada. Considering at least 50% of the world’s population works in some form of office and technology is advancing with lighting speed, computer related injury is set for pandemic proportions.

That’s why Irene Chappell developed the 7 Commandments of Ergonomics©. Having identified the dangers and recognizing a pattern, she has developed a system which involves 7 steps to make computer use less dangerous. These are 7 things that no one tells you when you start to use a computer. These 7 things are not intuitive. These 7 things will help you to avoid injury or ESC Computer Pain. These 7 things are much more important than rules, that’s why she calls them Commandments.



About Irene:

Irene Chappell is an Occupational Therapist, a Certified Work Capacity Evaluator, and Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of British Columbia. She is also the founder of OT Consulting & Treatment Services Ltd. Irene has lectured in return to work issues and ergonomics at the School of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of British Columbia. She has appeared as a guest speaker at conferences throughout Canada and internationally in Australia and England, and Hong Kong. She is a recognized authority of evaluation and development of work potential. Irene has consulted to and designed ergonomic programmes for a variety of industries and businesses. She has been recognized by the Supreme Court of British Columbia as an expert in return to work, ergonomics and costing future care needs. It is safe to say that Irene really knows her stuff!



Right now you will receive Irene's book free with the purchase of any ergonomic work chair at Impact Office Furnishings. With the largest office furniture showroom in Vancouver we can help you decide what chairs is best for you and your workspace, but we cannot ensure you use the chair properly after the fact. That is why giving away this book ensures we give our customers the information needed to decrease discomfort and pain at work and increase their effectiveness and happiness in the workplace.

If you would like to learn more about Irene and her work please click below.

7 Commandments of Ergonomics

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