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Ergonomics. Understand it?


 In today's fast paced work world sometimes it is hard to focus on how you are sitting or the distance you sit from your monitor screen. However both of those greatly affect your health and well-being for the future.

Every get some back or neck pain mid-afternoon? Legs uncomfortable or falling asleep? This can all be due to bad posture, or ineffective use of furniture and accessories. Most people have not been informed or trained how to use their equipment properly or how to set up their work station in the most ergonomic and beneficial way possible.



Ergonomic Tips 

 Here are some tips to help you get the most value our of your furniture to increase energy and comfort at work:

  1. The top of your monitor screen should be no higher than eye level and should be at least one arm’s length away from the user
  2. The keyboard and monitor should be directly in front of the user, side to side will create stress on the body as weight is not even distributed across the body
  3. You should never lean forward to look at the monitor
  4. The mouse should be at the same level and as close to the keyboard as possible
    - Placing the mouse on your non dominant hand reduces reaching and gives your dominant hand a much needed rest
  5. Upper arms should be relaxed at the sides
  6. Feet should be fully supported on the floor or a footrest
  7. When fingers are on the home keys, hands, wrists, and forearms should be in a straight line
  8. Change your position regularly, take a short break (1 minute) every 30 minutes and get up at least once every house to move around



If you continue having pain after making these adjustments the equipment you are using may not be suited to your body type or workplace. A key concept in ergonomics is `Fit`, the extent to which furniture and equipment accommodates your needs and task requirements.


The "Fit" Concept

Fit must Application of this concept when buying a chair or wok station is key. The longer you sit the more important fit is.                

Fit Must:
  • Move: ensure the product moves according to your needs, moving rhythmically and allowing you to move from one fixed position to another
  • Match: ensure the chair matches your specific body dimensions
  • Support: your body and your task properly



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