Impact Pricing Philosophy

Some of our customers may be wondering why we don’t show pricing on our website. We do show prices for sale products; however, we have chosen not to display pricing on our retail products for a variety of reasons listed below.

1. Additional Attributes

One chair in our showroom can have five different prices depending on the various “bells & whistles” added to the product. Adjustable arms, castors, and tilt mechanisms are just a few options that can be added and taken away from various products, significantly affecting the price.

2. Different sizes

We can show a product on our website that is available in many different sizes, therefore, affecting the price of the product. Desks and boardroom tables can have ranges from 6 to 20 feet.

3. Fabrics & Finishes

Different finishes on products can significantly affect the price of a product, real leathers, and wood finishes are much higher than laminate and faux leather look-a-likes.

4. Order Quantity

The larger the order, the lower the price per cost of a product. Our salespeople work with the manufacturers to get you the best price possible with orders more substantial than a single unit. Therefore it would be challenging to advertise the price before knowing the quantity and the various attributes and finishes of the products.

5. Pictures Can Be Misleading

Many marketing pictures showcase products with additions. For example, many desks are shown with matching pedestals and hutches that are usually an additional cost. We don’t like to mislead our customers with any information that might not be 100% correct.

For these reasons, Impact Office chose not to showcase pricing on our website. Our sales staff is always by the phone and can answer any questions related to the pricing of our products, and you can also send us a request for a  quote on our website. We understand that price is a significant factor in the decision to buy for your company; we have products that range from high to low; it all depends on your wants and needs.

We are available most any time of the day and night. Call us during our Business hours for immediate information, or you may choose to use our live chat feature where you will be connected to one of our sales team associates.

Our quote system is designed for one of our sales team to be in contact with you via your chosen method within 20 minutes of submission.

Last but also very important is just an email to our sales team. Take the time to browse our site, and if you don’t see or find what you are looking for, contact us.