X-Chair Vancouver has been featured in five “Best of” lists so far in 2022 and has been recommended by more than 20 publications! X-Chair’s unique design and signature 10 Ergonomic Adjustments continue to be unmatched in office seating.


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There is no need to compromise; X-Chair enables users to both look good and be more productive.

The all-new XChair Vancouver advances the function of office seating. It is distinctly stylish, budget-friendly, and made with proprietary ergonomic comfort technology that has never been applied to office seating.

The X-Chair molds to the shape of the user’s body. 10 ergonomic adjustments make this glove-like fit possible & a seat with adjustable height and depth; a height-adjustable backrest; a headrest with adjustable height and angle; 4-dimensional armrests adjustable height, width, depth, and angle; adjustable tilt tension; and a tilt lock. Yet the X-Chair’s greatest ergonomic feat is one that needs no adjusting. The proprietary Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support adjusts itself to the user’s shape to provide perfect lumbar support from when they hit the seat.

The health benefits of X-Chair’s technology are numerous. SciFloat Infinite Recline technology allows the user to remain in motion throughout the day, increasing blood flow and focus. Each model of the chair features Flex Mesh technology, which suspends the user to remove weight from sensitive pressure points that impede blood flow and cause discomfort. The unprecedented adjustability of the X-Chair ensures that each user can maximize every feature and enjoy an ergonomic seat customized to them.

Unfortunately, shoppers are often forced to choose between sacrificing style for comfort or comfort for style when it comes to office chairs. A worker who spends 40 hours or more at their desk each week wants a chair that helps them to be more productive & the X-Chair looks good and feels good.

XChair Vancouver effortlessly combines style and comfort with bold curves and elegant design. It comes in several models – X1 is made with innovative Flex Mesh, Xcomes with ultra-comfortable K-Sport Fabric, X3 with sophisticated Advanced Tensile Recovery fabric, and X4 features premium leather. Additionally, we now offer the XG-Wing, X-Basic, XS-Vision, and our brand new X-YoYo Stool. Most models have several color options to create a customized look for any workspace. Polished aluminum accents create a striking chair that looks great in any office.

Deborah R.

Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Excellent chair. Making long hours of sitting comfortable and supportive.

Joseph R.

Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating


This chair is amazingly comfortable. There is no part of my body that isn’t supported. It is heavy, so you know it is built to last and no corners were cut. I can sit for hours without pressure points or my back hurting. Now, I don’t have the chair as an excuse for procrastinating. Gotta get that under control but at least I’m comfortable!

carlos n.

Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Great chair, great investment
Like many, I have now been working from home for over a year. I was not prepared. I had started suffering from back and shoulder pain so I decided get this chair. It has been about a month and I have seen improvements in my back and shoulders. The chair is very comfortable, very adjustable and is exceedingly well made. I struggled with the price a

t first, but after having purchased it, I can say that I would do so again with no hesitation. It is a good value and well worth the investment if you intend to be using it quite a bit. I had 1 minor issue when I got the chair and after one email (sent on a Sunday and immediately responded to) the issue was resolved within just a few days. Highly recommend.

Bradley Y.

Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
The chair is exactly as advertised and takes care of all my home office needs. I would highly recommend, my back feels better after only 2 weeks of use
Thank you for the great review, Bradley! We’re so happy to hear that your chair has made a difference for you.


5.0 star rating
The “Tempurpedic” of Chairs!

I was considering this chair after hearing about how great it was from my a family member. I have had progressively worse back pain working from home (hip flexors, upper back, sore lower back) and knew that my $150 Amazon chair was not cutting it… Not only can I sit in this chair all day, I almost prefer it! It has all sorts of adjustments; even

 after reading reviews I was hesitant purchasing after sitting in my father-in-law’s… I have minor scoliosis and high spinal flexibility/curve so just feel it’s noteworthy to share this chair has a wide range of adjustments. I ordered the plastic wheels, I think it’s a value add if you don’t have a thick plastic mat beneath you (I do, they stick together a little). I just ordered the foot rest, as I can’t get the lazy boy set up out of mind… If you’re not a tempurpedic fan, just think of whatever mattress saved your back – this chair is saving mine while not in bed!

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